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Flexible Floor Plans

Our simple yet versatile setup allows our floor plans and structures to be very adaptable, which speeds up the process of opening the restaurant and minimizes costly reconstruction while maximizing space efficiency. In fact, with access to prep and storage areas, we can offer full menu service in under 300 square feet.

Simple Operations

We also have a great deal of flexibility in our hours of operations, which allows us to cater to the needs of your 'red-eye' passengers, in some cases even serving a hot meal, 24 hours a day.


International Brand Recognition

No other submarine sandwich chain has the large global presence that we offer - a familiar a familiar brand goes a long way toward passenger comfort.

What We Can Offer
Your Passengers

Strong International Presence
Excellent Customer Service
Flexibility In Our Operations
Healthier, Fresh Food
Truly Portable Meals
Custom Prepared Meals
Food Options For All Dayparts
Hot and Cold Beverage Options
Diverse Franchise Owner Pool

Get off the ground!
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