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See Why A SUBWAY® Restaurant Would Be Great In Your Location

"From an airport operator's perspective, an airport is the ideal location for a SUBWAY® restaurant. The combination of convenient fast service with healthy, freshly made food items complements the operating environment of an airport with its fast paced travelers always looking for a delicious healthy alternative to burgers/pizza.

This fact is especially evident during a time when airlines are discontinuing food service and/or charging large sums of money for small, sterile, prepackaged snack items. More and more we see our travelers, and flight crews, carrying SUBWAY® bags onto their flights."

Carl G Olson, Commissioner of Transportation,
Greater Binghamton Airport

"SUBWAY® is a highly valued concession operator at the Calgary International Airport, their cooperation and professionalism in the conduct and approach to their business has enhanced their business operation and this has reflected most favorably on our airport.

SUBWAY® is an important part of our overall food court concession program and provides a healthy alternative to the traveling public. The integrity of their business is unquestionable."

Don Kolsun, Director - Commercial Properties,
Calgary Airport Authority

Over 77 Airports Served Worldwide Including The Following Airports

Changi International Airport
Indira Ghandi International Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional
Newark Liberty International Airport
Auckland Airport
JFK International Airport
Cologne Airport
Sydney International Airport
McCarran International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Cancun Airport
Indianapolis International Airport

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